Antz people compilation Vol. I

by V/A


"Antz People Compilation" is our second vvaa album edited at 7MNS Music and as its predecessor "Origen" [Ref.7M001], pretends to show new musical proposals that run away from the conventional side of electronic music. In this album we would like to paid respect to all those musicians and artists that with their small-huge contribution make possible to maintain an experimental zone within the independent music scene.


released May 6, 2014

by Seven Moons music

Track 1: Lauki - "Has/zi"



Lauki Antarctica

surrounding symmetry, spirals towards inner coldness, beyond words, the Antartida of the heart. frozen edge mandala, as an ice crystal, microscopically captured nanoseconds before it’s melted. the inevitable fragility of the frozen snow in a sunny winter day. ... more

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