Charming Sepulcher Part 3

by V/A


The webzine Have Faith In Sound is pleased to present you its first compilation called "Charming Sepulcher." Divided into 3 parts, it hosts more than 30 artists from different backgrounds. The project is in gestation for 5 months and now coming to an end! All artists have "played by the rules" and have proposed a new track which according to them reflected the vision of the paradoxical concept "Charming Sepulcher."


released March 3, 2013

by Have Faith In Sound

Track 11: Pleq + Lauki -Vestiges



Lauki Antarctica

surrounding symmetry, spirals towards inner coldness, beyond words, the Antartida of the heart. frozen edge mandala, as an ice crystal, microscopically captured nanoseconds before it’s melted. the inevitable fragility of the frozen snow in a sunny winter day. ... more

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